Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post 22 - Make a list of 15 new facts you learned (5 from each quiz).

1. Unemployment can be branched out into multiple types.

2. Unemployment is the most publicised statistic.

3. Full employment only accounts for 95 percent

4. Population Study is run by Census Bureau

5. Inflation is an increase in the average price of products

6. Deflation is the opposite of inflation by decreasing the average price of goods

7. a "Shock" increases the price of products for many or all firms

8. Price index is used to measure price levels

9. Price index also calculates inflation rates

10. The worst degree of inflation is called "hyperinflation"

11. If the value of the dollar decreases, the people who suffer most are those on fixed income

12. Higher Rates = Less Spending

13. Poverty threshold is the lowest income level needed for basic living

14. Poverty thresholds are based of the price index

15. Increases in technology = decrease in lower-skilled workers

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