Friday, January 21, 2011

Post 24 - Create 4 scenarios for your life to describe the 4 types of unemployment. (future you)

1. Sturctural Unemployment - Since Wawa created a new machine that makes hoagies with a machine, they no longer needed me to make them, so I was put out of work due to structural unemployment.

2. Seasonal Unemployment - After working on a christmas tree farm, I was laid off since nobody has interest in buying a christmas tree after christmas.

3. Frictional Umeployment - While working at wawa, I plan to move to Delaware during the period of time before I start my new job at my new home would be considered frictional unemployment.

4. Cyclinical Unemployment - With the economic down turn less people had the money to come into wawa to buy over priced sandwiches in order to balance this problem, wawa needed to cut employees, me included.

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